Horizons students can experience the freedom of new ways of learning. 

Aspiring to Our Mission

When families apply to Horizons, we make the expectation clear: commit to attending the program, ideally for their children’s entire K-12 experience. In turn, we make a promise of the following to each student who enters the program.

  •  Scholars will leave the program as stronger readers, stronger mathematicians, and ready to start the school year with a renewed belief in their potential to achieve.
  •  Scholars will have exciting opportunities to see new places try their hands at new skills, and experiential learning in a way that is inspiring, rewarding, and fun. 
  •  Scholars will learn to swim. It’s an essential, life-saving skill. By conquering this challenge, scholars will gain the confidence to take on others.
  •  Scholars will make friends, develop mentors, and be loved and supported by a community that will be there for them and their families, each summer and every year throughout their school years.
  •  Scholars will enter school better pre- pared for learning — making school a better place for everyone.