An average gain of 8-12 weeks...

Over the summer, our students don’t just reverse the “summer slide,” they actually head back to school with literacy skills 8 to 12 weeks ahead of where they’d been in May. 

Horizons AT-A-Glance

Horizons provides a multi-year solution that supports children and their families from first through high school graduation.

The proven Horizons approach drives academic achievement by nurturing curiosity, inclusion, and a love of learning. Our project-based educational model combines high-quality academics with cultural enrichment and confidence-building activities like swimming, arts, and sports. Strong partnerships and dedicated teachers, staff, students, and families are at the core of the program's success. In small classes led by educators, students dive into a rich, culturally inclusive, and responsive curriculum emphasizing literacy and STEM and benefit from incorporating social-emotional and whole-child teaching practices. Throughout the school year, Horizons maintain a connection with students and families by offering Saturday programming, special events, and reunions. Students' reading and math skills significantly improve each summer, and they return to school excited to learn. They build long-term friendships and relationships with peers and teachers that often continue beyond program graduation. They graduate high school and go to college or other post-secondary training. Horizons students develop life skills like commitment, resilience, confidence, and a desire to contribute to their community. With the tools to navigate their world, Horizons students embrace a more expansive view of what's possible and find a path of success